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Clinician Cloud is a cloud-based mental health record management system and services to help mental health professionals maintain and grow their counseling practice. Clinician Cloud offers a cloud platform as a service, easy to use and any clinician can afford it. We are serving and supporting all licensed social worker, counselor and psychologist across 48 states in the United States

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Our Services

Clinician Cloud is a Modern, cloud-based software to help small, medium and large mental health practices to boost their profitability and stay independent. Our EHR solutions solutions helps you streamline your day, so you spend less time fighting technology and more time treating patients. It helps you automate many of the tedious tasks that can slow your mental health practice down, and let our advanced analytics provide real-time feedback on practice performance so you can easily manage your business.
Additionaly to your patient management record, Clinician Cloud helps you manage your accounting and your employee payroll. You will be able to produce financial statement more easily. It also helps you collecting information into a call log to accurately pinpoint potential client.
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Cloud Services

You can register your account as a single mental health practice and start growing your business

Support Services

We provide support service to you via our ticketing system and by phone conversation.

Deployment Services

We can deploy your own server in the cloud if you have a large counseling practice.

Mental Health Practice

Clinician Cloud Professional Services consists of a team of financial, administrative and mental health experts who ensure that you track, analyze and manage counseling data, billings information to grow your practice. We are helping you to rethink counseling data collection. We support all mental health counselor and we are developing and improving the clininician cloud app to better support your business.

Core Features

CLINICIAN CLOUD is the best platform you can use to grow your mental health practice. The invoices for your patient are ready and comply with the form 1500 for billing.

Patient & Appointments

You can create your patient demographics and manage their appointment in the calendar portal.

Counseling Notes

The notes of your patients are very important to us. We give you access to the notes via the patient chart

Accounting & Payroll

We help you manage your invoices for your patient and enter your monthly expenses to generate financial report

Ticketing, Call Logs...

You can crreate tickets to explain your problem in the application then we will respond with good examples


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Mental Health Fun Facts

Mental health problems are actually very common.

  • One in five American adults experienced a mental health issue.
  • One in 10 young people experienced a period of major depression
  • One in 25 Americans lived with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression.

Our Portfolio

Clinician Cloud is a very simple and easy to you EHR to manage your thriving counseling practice

Our Team

We are a team of financial, administrative and mental health experts dedicated to supporting the supporters such as counselors, therapists psychologists and other mental health professionals. We are looking for every day more intelligent people to grow with us.

Clinician Cloud Pricing

Clinician Cloud is the platform for your growth and you are about to use the most robust practice management system for your counseling center. We have no sign up fee, no long term contract. Every plan starts with a free account. You can have a free account for up to 3 months if we can verify your profile on any mental health directory platform such as Psychology Today, American Counseling association and more.
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$22.00 /mo

for the first 50 clients then $ 0.50 per additional client

Single User Account
Access to the Cloud-based platform
Unlimited Patient Notes
Multi-view calendar
Built-in CPT code lookup
Document Storage Management

$99.00 /mo

for the first 300 clients then $0.40 per additional active client

Multi User Account
Access to the Cloud-based platform
Unlimited Patient Notes
Multi-view calendar
Built-in CPT code lookup
Document Storage Management

$49.00 /mo

$ 20.00 /mo per additional school counselor

Multi User Account
Monitor Student Progress
Unlimited Student Session Notes
Growth and Improvement Plan
Formative Assessment
Document Storage Management

Clinician Cloud Blog

We are bringing you periodically software updates, company news, information about mental health, the latest on the counseling journal.
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