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Once the patient is seen in your office CLINICIAN CLOUD helps you collect enough information to fill out on your own the CMS 1500 form and control your claims without incuring any cost from us. If your case load is low then you do not need any company to process billing for you. You can do it yourself by using the office Ally portal and other free provider. You can also generate a CMS1500 form if paper claims are more your style.

However, it will be time consuming and can become very complicated if you have a high caseload and there is no time to process and control the billings yourself.

No Claims or billings are required

Many clinicians have decided to work only for clients who pay their counseling fee in cash or check. These clinicians do not need to generate a CMS 1500 form and they do not need to wait for payments from insurances. They can use Clinician Cloud without having to deal with insurance payment.

Medical Billing Services

CLINICIAN CLOUD offers an optional integrated features to provide to you Medical Billing Services with a Clinician Cloud Billing partner. The pricing varies from one states to another but we are very competitive All billings cost will be below the market.

If managing claims and patient billings are not your strong suit, leave it to the billing experts. Medical Billing Services allow you to set you free and focus of your patient care while the billings experts are submitting claims, verifying benefits and postings your payments

Electronic Insurance Claims

In CLINICIAN CLOUD, it is easy to request a patient invoice record to be handle by one of our billing partners, you will know instanly who handling the claims for you. No more wondering they will provide the status of the claim in every step of the way.

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