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  • Easy-to-Use Scheduling and Calendar
  • Patient Management
  • Powerful Notes and Electronic Records
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Accounting & Financial Statement
  • Billings management by our billing provider
  • Secure Cloud Connection & Storage


CLINICIAN CLOUD is easy and secure to connect and access your counseling notes and continue offering mental health service for your patient.

Mental Health Professionals

( Private or Group Therapy Center )

Modern Cloud-based Practice Management
Regular Therapist Access

Please keep your username and password secret.

School Social Worker, Guidance Counselor

( Private School Counselor / Private School Social Worker / School Counseling & Guidance Department )

Powerfull tools to keep your student counseling notes organized
Regular School Access

Please keep your username and password secret.

Server Hosting Plan

( Private / Group Therapy Center / School District and University )

Modern Cloud-based Practice Management
If your counseling practice or your school district gets our server hosting plan please search your URL (Web link) to access your platform
Note: In any plan the group practice or the therapist may decide to host the system in our plex server or one of our hosting cloud server. They all have their own web link. If you are part of these entities please request the Web Link ID to be able to search the web link.

Enter your practice Web Link ID here: