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Modern Cloud-based Mental Health Management Records

Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Clinician Cloud is the tools you need to help you streamline your entire business workflow.

Clinician Cloud is a flexible tools tailored to manage your notes, control your revenue and provide insights for smart decision as well as your operational perfomance.

Our application helps Psychologist, LICSW, LMHC, LMFT streamline the entire business workflow, focus less on administrative task and technology and focus more on providing the care your patient desperately needs. Clinician Cloud will help you organize the followings:

  • Patient Demographics and Scheduling Data Management ( Organized Patient Chart )
  • Comprehensive session notes to keep your chart organized with HIPAA-Compliant electronic medical record
  • Patient Intake Management
  • Collect data for mental health assessment to diagnose the problems
  • Develop Comprehensive Treatment Plans and Goal Settings
  • Manage your clinical document
  • Manage your miscellaneous and process notes
  • Finalize your patient case with a discharge note
  • Manage your invoices and billings

School Social Worker, Guidance Counselor

Powerfull tools to keep your student counseling notes organized

Many school district hired social worker, guidance counselor, psychologist to try to help student in need. Howerver many of them have tried hard to develop plans, strategies on paper to do the work, our goal is to take the counselor plan and put in an electronic format and share the data with the school and parents.

Our application helps counselors maximizing the impact of their programs when they use data in their decision-making process. Counselors are organizing their interventions with different approach such as

  • Monitoring the progress of the Student
  • Choosing evidence based intervention when possible to target student-identified needs
  • Evaluating the impact of the intervention
  • Organizing Parent Group Counseling & Therapy Management
  • Defining Individual Student Planning
  • Conducting a Monthly Counselor Data Review

We are helping you collecting the following Specific Data:

  • Growth Plans
  • Counseling Session Notes
  • Intervention Warnings
  • Observation
  • Formative Assessement
  • Student Mental Status Evaluation
  • Team Review Assessment

Our process involves four steps

1) Collecting and Tracking the Data
Our data design is based on the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) Model and Data Collection is available via our Dashboard

2) Monitoring the progress and helping setting Goals
We have multiple electronic forms to help the counselor monitoring the process

3) Discover startegies with Student and Parents
We evaluate the strategies with the students and we have established multiple follow-ups

4) Developing Group Counseling and Record data collectively
We help counselor schedule and colecting data on Parent group and Student Group Counseling.